Day of The Wine Tourist in Montevideo

November 9 is Dia del Enoturismo, Wine Tourism Day!  A beautiful website details the activities taking place in various Departments around Uruguay (Departments are like states or perhaps counties).  Winery tours (winery is Bodega in español!) top the list of events and there are several museums which might also be worth a visit.

Uruguay is the forth largest producer of wine in South America.  It’s signature wines are those produced from the red Tannat grape, which represents 37% of the wine produced here.  The tannat grape variety was introduced to Uruguay in 1870 by a Basque winemaker, and the industry has been heavily influenced by those of Basque and Italian heritage who settled here.

And so here we are on the Day of Wine in 2014.  An exquisitely sunny yet not boiling hot day, a Sunday in spring.  The beaches are scattered with sunbathers and people stroll here and there in the city, lacking the weekday bustle.  Traditionally in this part of the world Sunday is a family centered day, and on the Day of Wine Tourism (actually it was yesterday and today) perhaps a lot of wine is being consumed by those who made no special effort to visit a wine tour venue or a tasting room.  The museum of wine is in Cordon near Cuidad Vieja, and should be worth a visit this day or any other for that matter!

The Museum of Wine in Montevideo

The Museum of Wine in Montevideo

There is also a Wine Tour offered by a company called Montevideo City Tours (which I will check out further) costing something like $56 each US.  I will try to find out more about it, but you can read about it on their website.


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